Internal communication app

We developed an application that allows INVAP to reach the company's employees in an agile, direct and targeted way. The app enables them to segment information, send alerts and optimize the flow of internal communication.

In times of information overload, an app that delivers the right content to the right person.

Over the years, companies have sought the best way to reach their employees with internal information, first via global emails and then via intranets. However, these were not efficient tools, due to the use of resources (networks, storage), and given that they failed to attract the users’ attention, or to create a habit of use.

Considering this background, we created a mobile app for INVAP that segments users by work group, project, building and geography, sending communication directly to each employee's device. In this way, we avoid irrelevant information and incorporate "alerts" for all critical communications. 

Software development

Mobile Apps


We created for INVAP a mobile application that segments users by work group, project, city and building, directing communication to each employee's device.

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