Our story

Step by Step, from the Ground Up

In 2023, we started taking the initial steps to turn the dream of building our own office into reality. Having a physical space enhances the long-term stability of our jobs and boosts activities that contribute to the community.


Animus at UNRN

We presented a talk on Frontend Development, UI, and Accessibility at the Research and Extension Event of the National University of Río Negro (UNRN) as part of an ongoing collaboration agreement.


Sieve of Atkin implementation in Elixir

At Animus, we love challenges! Recently, our colleague Juli Somoza explored the Sieve of Atkin to find prime numbers using Elixir. Check out the full article to learn more!


We Value the Cooperative Movement and Identity

We envision a country where cooperativism and technology support sovereignty and productive development. In light of the attack on our sector, we share FACTTIC's stance.


We traveled to São Paulo

Together with the cooperatives ALT and Código Libre, we participated in a series of activities in Brazil as part of a project on intersecting worker-owned digital platforms.


Joining the FACTTIC Committee

In December 2023, we joined the Federation's plenary session, as we usually do. This time, we had the immense joy and commitment of also participating in the new Board for the 2023-2025 term.


App for the Women's and Gender Diversity Convention

We developed the app for the 36th Plurinational Convention of Women, Lesbians, Transvestites, Trans, Bisexuals, Intersex, and Non-Binary People, held in October 2023 in Bariloche.


Racially Neutral Language

They say that how you name things is how you live. We conducted an analysis of tech jargon and the number of allegories to racism it contains. Here we share these reflections.


Launch of Abuelas' Website

We took part in the launch of Abuelas' new institutional website, a day filled with pride and emotion. The redesign was a collaborative effort by several cooperatives within FACTTIC.