What do we do

Design and engineering focused on the needs of people.

Software Development

Software Development

We develop tailor made systems, from engineering to implementation, covering all stages of the process.

We specialize in the development of platforms and web systems, in a wide range of technologies.

We have a large experience in the development of web applications, responsive designs, custom e-Commerce platforms, management systems, customer loyalty, knowledge management platforms, real-time systems.

With our solutions we cover the following vertical markets: tourism, gastronomy, finance, scientific-technological system, knowledge companies, government entities, food and technology.

We are oriented to work in long-term relationships and become strategic partners of our clients.

Tecnologías: PHP (Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter) - JavaScript (NodeJS, React, NextJs, Svelte, Sapper) - Databases (MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, GraphQL)



We make a website a tool to reach your customers.

We develop professional, robust and scalable Websites, always keeping in mind the most effective way to show your company, your products and services, to generate higher sales and to streamline your business processes.


The best way to your own self-managed website:

We implement content management systems. Our clients can managed their sites, with dynamic and updated content.

We develop what your company needs

Many times CMS do not cover specific and specific needs. In those cases we develop custom websites.

Design and layout

We can make an HTML / CSS mockup from scratch (starting from a graphic design) and adding functionality through ad-hoc programming.


Landing pages and special actions

We develop clear, simple and attractive landings, to convert visitors into future customers.

Tecnologías: Wordpress - Joomla - Custom websites - HTML - CSS / SASS

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Our production process is aimed at enhancing the business of our customers.

Definition of objectives and functionalities

The objectives sought for the APP are established and the functionalities that it will have are initially established. Then we design mockups (basic freehand designs) for each of the views. At this time, the data that the App will need to function is defined.

User interface (UI)

The UI is made up of different elements: style of buttons, lists, menus, icons, forms, image containers, selectors, so that the APP has a visual coherence in the same application and with the graphic elements of the client.

User experience (UX)

As the design (UI) is carried out, the user experience (UX) concept tests are carried out in order to determine that the information is easily accessible, that the usability is simple, that there are known options, test that it is seen correctly in the different sizes of phones, compatibility with different operating systems, how the APP would work seen in portrait or landscape, etc.

Backend / Programming

The Backend communicates with the APP via REST API and / or Websockets. For this, the endpoints are established with the Backend and the information is programmed from both sides. It is important that the Apps support update information, check sales, update prices, etc. The useful life of an App when it is updateable via Backend is much longer than those static ones that do not have updates. For frontend and backend developments we use robust and reliable frameworks.

Tecnologías: ReactNative - Cordova - Android Studio - TWA (Trusted Web Activity)



We optimize the visual interfaces, improving the usability and the user experience.

User Experience / User Interface 

We start each project taking into account what is the experience that we should provide to users and how they should interact with a page or an App and what actions are expected to be carried out by the user.

Then we design the best interface to be able to offer that experience.

We work to offer users an optimal end-to-end experience.


Practices and objectives

UX / UI process and consulting practices include: design, layout, interactive prototyping, Surveys, A / B testing, and heuristics.

The goal is for the solution to be fast, stable and responsive and for the user to know how to use a system, a website or an app without ever having used it.

The UX and UI process could be defined as the functionality of the design.

Tecnologías: Heurística - Pruebas A/B - Encuesta - Pruebas de concepto - Mockups (bajo nivel / alto nivel)

Software Factory

Software Factory

We provide Staff Augmentation and Outsourcing solutions.

In this way, the client can expand or reduce its production capacity almost immediately, without facing hiring costs for temporary periods.

The available team varies in senitority (Senior, semi-senior, junior) and in expertise (full Back, frontend, full stack) in different languages and technologies.

We work with agile methodologies, and we can maintain fluent communication in Spanish and English, both oral and written.

We use management systems to control hours and tasks, kanban boards and above all else, we maintain a spirit of proactivity and good relationships to carry long-term relationships with our clients.

Tecnologías: Javascript - ReactJS - SvelteJS - NodeJS - JAVA - Code Igniter - Symfony - Laravel

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Digital security audits and consultancies with White / Black / Gray Hat concepts

Scanning and survey

We perform White / Black / Gray-Box scanning and testing with automated tools, host mapping and service scanning.

We try to manually exploit the systems using the most common failures such as SQL / NoSQL injections, authentication and session handling failures, Cross-Site Scripting, default settings in White-Hat format.


Methodological approach

We use PTES (Penetration Testing Execution Standard) methodology, which consists of seven sections. These cover everything related to penetration testing; from initial communications, through the phases on obtaining information and access.

Reports are delivered as the audit progresses and depending on the degree of criticality of the vulnerabilities detected, preliminary or urgent reports are delivered to work correctively on critical points of the system that are being exploited.

Tecnologías: Website Scanning - Penetration Test - SQL Injection - Security Audit

Communications & Marketing

Communications & Marketing

We provide Communication, Knowledge Management and Marketing services online.

We have communication professionals for knowledge and communication management services, especially oriented to agricultural and livestock research processes.

Communication and Knowledge Management:

We offer digital knowledge management services for public-private entities in livestock agricultural research, with experience in contact with researchers, government organizations and working together with entities in an immersive outsourcing scheme.

We carry out dissemination campaigns, content creation and contact with the different organizations


Online Marketing

We also provide Mkt Online services to promote actions, campaigns and measure the impact. We work in a continuous process that guarantees our clients to achieve the online coverage objectives, whether for commercial or institutional actions.

Tecnologías: Newsletters - Press Releases - Research - Knowledge Management

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

We offer Machine Learning and Big Data solutions

What is known as "Artificial Intelligence" is innovation applied through a combination of computer tools, algorithms and practices, in order to solve specific issues of a certain complexity.

Machine Learning

The use of "Machine Learning", as one of the variants of artificial intelligence technology, allows systems to learn without having been specifically programmed for it. We have experience in development of Image Recognition and Chatbots that can be based on NLP from RASA NLP and TensorFlow.

Big Data

We work on the data looking for the inference of implicit rules and patterns. We rely on large volumes of data, past events that are used to explain future events or describe behavior. The models seek to quantify the existing relationships in a data set, identifying characteristics and behaviors. Predictive models and prescriptive models of the information sets on which to work are analyzed.

Tecnologías: Rasa - Tensor Flow - Python