The most delicious chocolate

Since 2005 we have partnered Mamuschka, an internationally recognized Bariloche-based business, on its continuous path of innovation in the marketing of chocolates and ice cream. The company has trusted us with the development of websites, landings, carts and applications.

Website, carts and apps for the sale of chocolates and ice cream.

Mamuschka has trusted our services for over a decade. In 2005 we developed their first shopping cart (awarded "Site of the year" in the ecommerce category of the awards).

In 2014 we developed a sales app for the launch of the "Ice Cream Factory" and in 2015 we developed another one for the sale of chocolates in all the cities where Mamuschka is present.

We are currently working on a new commercial platform that adapts to Mamuschka's expansion path towards the whole Argentine territory. We use innovative technologies such as PWA (progressive web application) and TWA (trusted web activity).



Mobile Apps

Mamuschka Chocolates is the app that allows you to buy the most delicious chocolate anytime, anywhere, through a simple, fast and secure interface.

From the app, you can also order and deliver Mamuschka’s ice cream. Schedule your order in a few steps and enjoy it at home.

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