Knowledge Management Platform

We developed a web application that enables the design, management and analysis of research projects. The code is open and available from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Its first implementation was carried out in FONTAGRO, a co-financing mechanism for R&D projects within the agri-food sector in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Knowledge Management Platform shortens the time spent in the management of R&D projects, reduces costs and provides updated information to make more efficient decisions.

An integrated system, from the submission of project proposals, to the automation of products for the dissemination of scientific results.

The platform has two databases, a technical and a financial one, which are automatically updated with each new project, enabling real-time graphs on indicators and resource mobilization.

It allows the geolocation of work plots and research centers; this gives at first glance an idea of ​​where the projects are developed.

It also enables the simple generation of knowledge products such as pages, presentations, news and posters with attractive designs, for their visibility and transfer.

The code is available on Code for Development, an IDB free software platform for governments and citizens.

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