Asociación de rentadoras Bariloche

Tu auto en Bariloche (Your car in Bariloche)

The advancement of global platforms has led small entrepreneurs to a sustained loss of profitability in their businesses. This platform aims to bring to consumers a direct service offer and to avoid intermediaries with providers.

A platform to beat the platforms. It enables reservation and payment processes, 100% online.

Platforms such as RentalsCars (Booking) offer end customers an online sales portal, but providers pay high commissions when they use them to offer their services, losing profitability.

For this reason, we developed "Tu Auto en Bariloche", a platform that offers, directly, the service of a group of local car rental companies. This way, end customers get the same quality service, but rental companies are able to establish their own rules.

From the platform, each rental company can be managed separately, but integrated into a single portal.


"Tu Auto en Bariloche" is a platform where the competition rules are established together with the rules of cooperation.

Rates and reservations can be managed very easily from the system, through dynamic calendars and graphic tools.

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