Argentina Turismo

Argentina Turismo’s design and layout

We developed the design and the UX / UI concept for the website of the Ministry of Tourism of Argentina. The process included survey, heuristics, A / B testing and accessibility.

Presenting Argentina’s tourism offer

The main goal of the working process for the site was to structure a content scheme in order to display the country's tourism offer in an orderly and simple way, organized according to the following dimensions: regions, types of landscapes and types of experiences. To this effect, a matrix of tourist services was arranged.

To achieve our objectives, we were present in every stage of the process. First, in the discovery stage where we applied pure research, performing heuristic tests that, as a result, helped us define our aims and problems to solve. Then, we moved on to wireframes, where we established functionalities and gave structural solutions to predetermined problems. Once these wireframes were approved, the designers made the UI (look & feel) that we later validated through different tests involving users. Finally, we passed on the torch to the developers, who implemented the project.



The UX development process had the participation of users from the early stages to the end, enabling the optimization of implementation times.

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