About us

About us

A cooperative technology company. We design and develop software.
We rely on the quality of work and the solidarity of our team.

We have existed as ANIMUS since 2007, but we were formed as a work cooperative in 2018. We are specialists in web development, mobile applications, custom systems, design and communication, with a long history and training in the areas covered by the cooperative.

We provide digital solutions to relevant actors of the scientific and technological ecosystem of Bariloche, the city where we are based. We have carried out work for INVAP, CNEA, the Balseiro Institute and CONAE, among others. We have also provided services for companies, public organizations and other cooperatives in the country, such as the Ministry of National Tourism, the Puerto Madryn, Saladillo and Bariloche Electric Cooperatives, and the media and gastronomic and hotel companies in our city.

We currently export services such as software factory and consultants to the IDB in the United States and to eCrome Digital AG in Europe.

Why we are a cooperative

Organizing ourselves horizontally, collaboratively and democratically gives us the possibility of ensuring fair labor relations, a supportive environment and managing projects according to our own interests. Each member of the cooperative has a voice and vote, and ideas that matter to other members.

Ultimately, we believe that the cooperative is a tool that allows us to grow by making autonomous and joint decisions, and to receive an income for what we do, without third parties profiting from our work or defining our professional development.

ANIMUS is a cooperative company managed by its partners. Those of us who make it up work from what we like, we develop professionally, we learn and we bond in a supportive and collaborative environment.

Successful cases

Selection of the jobs that we most enjoy doing.
Our successful cases.